Thursday, September 17, 2009


So I know I promised to finish up A PHOTO A DAY. We owe you guys 6 more days. We will get those up as soon as Nikee gets back from her honeymoon. For now I thought I would post a few pictures of what we have been up to lately!!

First we had Nikee's Bridal Shower!!

Then we did a kind of joint Bachelor/Bachelorette party. The four of us camped together in Gunnison but during the days the boys went and did "boy" things and us girls went and did what we wanted to do. It was the perfect scenerio for the four of us! We had a blast!

Oh the things we will do for a good shot!!! Good thing it wasn't a busy road!

Hehehe! Her feet go up when she concentrates!! That's why I love her! She is so cute!

The boys' toys.Two of our favorite things... fishing and drinking!! But maybe not such a good idea at altitude in the blazing sun... we had fun!!

Then it was on to rehearsal! That is one happy Bride!

Marleigh Mae was their ring bear! She did GREAT!!

Oh God! Let's hope he doesn't do that during the ceremony!

And then the decorating! Lots o lanterns everywhere!! So pretty!

Mama and her precious Ring Bear!

Working on flowers! We did all the decorations and flowers except for our own bouquets!!

Beautiful Rings!

They were married in their own backyard!! It was SO beautiful!!! It did rain. We were able to do the ceremony outside but we had to move the reception inside. They put SO much work into their backyard and their dance floor that Andrew insisted that they have their first dance outside... they did... in the pouring rain!!!! It was SO romantic!!!! I love this couple more then they will ever know!! This was truly the most beautiful wedding I have ever been a part of!! Congrats Nikee and Andrew!!

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